Caravaneer 2 FAQ

Frequently asked Questions about Caravaneer 2

  1. How do I save in Caravaneer 2?
  2. See that red button in your travel mode? That's where you save. Saving is only available in the travel mode same as it was in Caravaneer 1.

  1. How can I survive in the beginning of the game?
  2. First of all, remember that your bunker has everything you need and everything there is free. Second, don't forget to take the knife and the first aid kit in your room in the bunker. The knife will save your life when you run out of ammo and the first aid kit can be sold to the merchant in Lintu camp if you don't want to use it. Third, do as Cricket suggests: Take wool from Lintu to Pullid, yarn from Pullid to Kivi and jackets from Kivi back to Lintu visiting your bunker on the way. Note that if you bring yarn to Kivi and they don't have any jackets, you can wait for a while until they produce new jackets out of your yarn. This is only one of the possible routes. You can search guides, forums and groups dedicated to the game for other options.

  1. Why are my people dying if I have enough food and water?
  2. The most common reason for this is that you disabled one of the foodstuffs or reduced rations in Supplies section of Caravan Menu. Read Foodstuffs and Supplies chapter of the official instructions for more information.

  1. How does morale work?
  2. Morale influences the number of AP your people have during the battle and the most common factors that affect morale in the long term are food and water. If your people are hungry or thirsty their morale will lower. If you give them more food and water than they need, their morale will raise. The taste of food matters too. You can see the taste of each foodstuff in Cargo section of Caravan Menu. Rasing salaries for merchants is another way to improve morale. Read Morale chapter of the official instructions for more information.

  1. How do I use first aid kits?
  2. First aid kits can only be used in battles. They reduce bleeding. You need to put these kits into your people's equipment and then use them as described in Interface chapter of the instructions.

  1. How do I reduce Slaver reputation?
  2. Slaver reputation is reduced when you attack groups that transport slaves and free their slaves. Another way to do it is to buy slaves and free them immediately. Freeing the slave a few hours of game time later will not have the desired effect.

  1. How do I improve Trustworthy reputation?
  2. You have very few opportunities to improve Trustworthy reputation and all of them are in the dialogues. The correct approach would be to do your best to not worsen your Trustworthy reputation throughout the game.