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Posted 2 hours ago by DavidOresk
in hello :)
Hmm, found a loophole that should probably be addressed by devs.
See, when you drop people off at a location whether you're freeing slaves, letting prisoners go, etc, they stay at the location, eating food and drinking water. Now Drekar aren't particularly good at making food, but they are good at making money. So, if you're strong enough, you can hang around Drekar camp, defeating their groups and dropping the survivors off at the camp. Later, you will find that goat meat, which is what they produce and what their war parties always carry becomes ridiculously expensive. I'm at the point where one kg of goat meat sells for 4000, so when you get 20 pounds of meat from a 9 person group, you have 80,000 money just from defeating one group. The only downside is that you need a donkey and cart to do this effectively, and the forage also becomes very expensive in the camp, so I always stock up at Lintu before heading down. Fun and easy way to make money (for me, at least. I enjoy the fighting in this game)
Posted 162 days, 15 hours ago by Ferren42
in Caravaneer 2
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